Sunday, November 2, 2008


How can any rational thinking American vote for this guy? These are his own beliefs without the filter of his handlers in the mainstream media.

Here he talks about setting "PRICE SIGNALS" to curb peoples behavior.This is code for "taxes" and "fees" that the middle-class will pay.

Here he talks about bankrupting the coal industry. I ask you, would any other candidate,especially republican, get away with saying they would bankrupt an American industry?Absolutely not!

If you are voting for Obama because you say the economy is the major issue of this campaign,how in God's name could you vote for him when he stands for actively bankrupting a major American industry that millions of Americans live on?
His definition of "rich" changes day to day. It's real simple,folks. If you raise taxes, especially during a financial crisis, business suffers and people lose jobs. The "rich" are the ones who make the payrolls, who own the businesses.The less money they have the less money they have to pay people. When you raise taxes on buisnesses those taxes are passed onto the consumer.Not them.You.This is a disaster beyond the Carter years. If you don't care about any of his dubious associations in the past, if you don't care about any lack of experience, but all you care about is the economy,how can you support him?If you still do after he's already spelled out what he's planning to do, then you've drank the kool-aid and you've left reality.

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