Monday, October 27, 2008


As I write, the election is just a few days away. As much as the democrats (aka the mainstream media) tries to supress the vote by declaring the election over,it is actually far from over. He does lead in most polls but within the margin of error. No matter the outcome,this election has shown how a democratic republic that thrives on a capitalist, free-market, can become a quasi-socialist dictatorship. It might not be under an Obama administration but the map and groundwork has been laid on how to accomplish this in the 21st century.If I was a tinfoil hat wearing member of the black helicopter crowd I could say this was a grand conspiracy which began years ago. I don't believe that but the planning and collusion to align media, journalism, religion, activism, and populism has finally been put in to place and it wasn't a happy accident.

Already, ominous signs of what may be in store in an Obama presidency, have emerged. Pressure on media outlets to silence critics, private citizens having their background checked by the media and government officials, simply because that citizen asks a politically relevant question. Youth groups, symbolism, religious imagery, all centered around an American politician, on a scale that has never been seen in American culture but that has often been seen in dictatorships of the past. What follows is a study on how America can fall prey to a dictatorship. Not a hard,iron-fisted dictatorship as we have seen elsewhere in history, but a soft, American dictatorship. A velvet dictatorship.


Every dictatorship and totalitarian regime needs a bogeyman, a figure or group who is the source of all that ails the nation. For Lenin and the bolsheviks, it was the bourgeoisie and the Tsar;Nazi Germany blamed the jews and zionists for all the ills that plagued that nation following the defeat of World War I and the fecklessness of the Weimar Republic (for the record the Nazis were gracious with spreading their hate around.They also blamed homosexuals, democrats, christians, communists, and quite a few more but the primary source, in their eyes, were the jews); Mao's Reds faulted their troubles on capitalists, with America chief among them. Cuba's Castro, Che Guevara, Argentina's Juan Peron, Khmer Rouge, and every revolutionary and tin-pot dictator blamed America for their hardships following World War II. For the Left, that bogeyman is embodied in one George W. Bush, and by party affiliation, his fellow republicans.

There has not been any ill or misfortune to befall this nation, or this planet, that wasn't due to George W. Bush. From 9/11, the space shuttle Columbia explosion, Hurricane Katrina, Sen. Wellstone's tragic plane crash, global warming, the list goes on. To the Left, 'America' and 'Bush' are interchangeable, meaning a presidential candidate can't say they hate their country but they can say they hate the present leader. The candidate they have chosen to lead them out of the rubble of Bush's America is the charismatic senator from Illinois,Barack Hussein Obama. Prior to his nomination as the democrat candidate for the presidency, he has shown just the right amount of disdain for America to make him palatable for the Left.
Obama wouldn't salute the flag at a campaign event.

He will not wear a flag lapel pin

So for the anti-American leftists, he has the credentials. An American politician standing up for what he believes in, and what he believes in,initially, is not respecting the symbols of America .
Does this alone make him a dangerous radical? Of course not. But we start adding all the parts, the close 20 year relationship with the anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright, associations with domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, a very close familial relationship with PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi, and the engine that is built is one of a socialist, anti-American demagogue.


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Shades of "1984." Scary, isn't it?