Sunday, November 2, 2008


Obama has raised over 600 million dollars in his presidential campaign,a record. What I find ironic about this is he told Joe The Plumber that he thought it was good to "Spread The Wealth".So let me get this straight, it's ok to take our hard earned money and spread it around because it's good for everybody.So I guess Obama should then give much of that money to McCain because that's good for everybody.Do you think any in the media will ask him this? I wouldn't hold my breath.

One more observation; if a republican had raised the kind of dough that Barack has, the media and the dems would be accusing said republican of trying to "buy the election". I' shocked,SHOCKED I tell you, that I have not heard any voices from the MSM make the same accusation this time around. I'm sure they were too bust campaigning for His High Holiness to notice.

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