Sunday, September 14, 2008


The best match-up this week will be Eagles at the Cowboys. Of course I am huge Cowboy fan but any way you look at this game it's a big one. This could very well be a preview of the NFC Championship. Cowboys should win but with division rivalry games you can never be sure.

Speaking of division rivalry, the Browns meet the Steelers which should leave us with a better assesment on whether last year was a fluke for the Browns. Granted, they play two of the toughest teams to start their seasons but they didn't show much against the Cowboys.

On that same track, Pats meet the Jets, which at the start of the season this looked like it could be a fun game. But with Brady gone for the season, the Favre/Cassel match-up just doesn't have the ring to it that Favre/Brady did. This game is kinda hard to judge. The New York Bretts just squeked one out against the Dolphins, and the Patriots, even with Cassel, ain't the Dolphins and should be a tougher match-up. But, does the loss of Brady have an emotional impact for the Patriots that people aren't accounting for. I feel that the Pat's could still do some things this season with Matt Cassel IF the players believe in him and rally round him.

Chargers and the Broncos. This could be a case of an over-hyped team meeting an under-hyped team. I could be totally wrong but I think the Broncos could win this game and go on to do some damage this season. The Chargers are great at digging themselves a hole and climbing out at the end of the season. The Chargers should win this game but I think the Bronc's can pull it out.

Let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

well u know that the cowboys do suck and they will more then likely lose tomorrow night against the eagles that is what i am wishen for anyways.. anyway i love ur blog page i think it is so funny and did u see snl saturday night they did a great sarah palin which will be the sexiest vice presedent ever.....