Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night Football

You know these 2 teams are going to see each other again in the playoffs. As a Cowboy fan I do have to acknowledge how fun it is to watch McNabb. I absolutely loathe the Eagles but you can't help but like and respect Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.

The Cowboys absolutely MUST get some discipline but with the win and Coach Goober I don't see that happening.

That Sunday night game against Green Bay looks like it could be a wild one,too.


kevin said...

the cowgirls got lucky and u know it jason.... by the way they are 0-5 in there games at lambough field and after sunday night u can make it 0-6..


Rosie said...

They are 0-5 because they played against Brett Favre. Lambeau, not lambough, Field is tough to play at but the cowBOYS will win this game. McNabb is a good QB and that was a great game. The next time they play will be in philly and that will be a great game as well, but the cowboys will win that one.