Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Congress Thinks We're Soooo Stupid...

The Dems have concocted a bill that allows offshore drilling. The Repubs have staged protests on the house floor so the dems buckled and allowed offshore drilling.WE WIN!

Not so fast,Tex...

This bill that has been hammered out by the dems is rightly called a 'sham' by the republicans.

It's a sham because it won't allow any drilling within 50 miles of the coast and that's where most of the oil is.

As it stands now this is where we can and can't drill:

On your way to the polling station, when you fill up your car and complain about the price of gasoline, remember why it's so high. The dems, controlled by the environmental lobby,is harming the American people. Look at the price of gasoline since the dems took over Congress:

The dems thought if they added a bill that included the words "offshore" & "drilling" that we would be too stupid to look at the fine print. Sadly, many Americans are. One reason the dems don't want to drill where the oil is is because it will destroy their argument that we won't receive that oil for 10 years. Drilling where we already know the oil is will allow us to reap the benefits is two years. Plus the states receive NO BENEFIT from this. All the tax windfalls go to Washington and the states receive NOTHING! So the dems put up this sham, knowing it will die, but they can head into their recess to campaign saying "I voted to drill". This is truly the worst Congress,EVER. Remember when you fill up the tank.

One other note, the dems are afraid to drill offshore and in ANWR because of the possible environmental damage. In the meantime China and Cuba are drilling off the coast of Florida:

Now China has an abysmal environmental and safety record, yet not a peep from environmentalists or lefties. Our energy and oil companies have stringent regulations so lets drill in our own backyard and do it safely. If you remember the 'milkshake' scene from 'There Will Be Blood' it scares me that others are drinking from our milkshake.

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