Saturday, June 13, 2009



now please leave.
I haven't blogged in months, due in part to a computer disaster, and life in general.
I also wanted to sincerely give President Obama a chance. I stated after he was elected that I thought that Obama was pragmatic enough that he would try and govern down the middle since he had a democrat Congress that leaned heavily left so he would have to try and act as a buffer to a generally center-right country.
In just a few few months since being elected this president has already spent more money than every president combined. In fact if we spent a million dollars every day since the time Jesus was born, IT WOULD STILL BE LESS THAN OBAMA AND CONGRESS HAS SPENT WITH THE 800 BILLION DOLLAR STIMULUS PACKAGE!

Thats not including the Obama budget will increase taxes by close to a TRILLION DOLLARS!

Now remember, President Obama said that he will not raise taxes for the middle and lower classes.But in his budget their will be taxes on energy and gas. The Congress,under the rat creature known as Henry Waxman, is also seeking Cap and Trade emission standards. So you think the cost of gas sucked last year, YOU AIN'T SEEN NUTTIN YET!
Oh yeah and remember when the Congress passed SCHIP recently to pay for childrens healthcare, well that was going to be paid for by the so-called "sin taxes" If you smoke or know someone who smokes then you know how much the price of tobacco has gone up. A carton of cigarettes now average $40-$50.That's because of the taxes that the federal government has added to them. Now the majority of smokers are lower income, according to a gallup poll:

President Obama (a smoker) and Congress (money grubbing fools) have just enacted the most sweeping smoking regulation in 50 years.

So let me get this straight, we're funding health care for lower income children by taxing the hell out of cigarettes,right? And we've declared war on cigartettes and the tobacco industry and are seeking to discourage smokers from smoking and others from starting. So if that is sucessful then we have no money to pay for all the sick poor kids. Y'know only in Washington could that make sense.

This is just the beginning folks. I haven't even touched his apology tour, emboldening our enemies, and how he's has fractured the relationships with our allies that Bush supposedly already damaged. I can't wait to touch the fawning,sycophantic media, and how dangerous it is and how they are proving my posts entiltled the VELVET DICTATORSHIP. And I'm excited to start tearing into the kool-aid drinkers, and Pelosi and Reid, and the whole bunch.Please stay tuned and drop me a line.

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