Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain's Association With Known Terrorist Eric Rudolph

John McCain has a longstanding association with Eric Rudolph, formerly the FBI's Most Wanted criminal, for bombings of abortion clinics and slaying of abortion doctors. John McCain, once kicked off a campaign in Rudolph's home and also served on a multi-million dollar civic board that dispensed money espousing and indoctrinating children in right-wing causes. Since his campaign for president McCain has sought to distance himself from Rudolph but the democrats do not seek to use McCains' association with Rudolph against him because they don't think associating with a terrorist is relevant to a candidates judgement.

I'm kidding of course. John McCain has no association with Eric Rudolph. If he did you can be damn sure the democrats would pound McCain with his association, as they, and any rational American, should. Democrats are a lot of things but they are not rational. Especially Obama. McCain has FINALLY started to use his association with Ayers against him. He denies much of an association with Ayers, and the AP and NYT are willing accomplices in defending Obama. But hold up!! CNN & Anderson Cooper has a damning expose about the Obama/Ayers relationship. Yeah, that's right, CNN!!! The same Obama/democrat loving CNN. Way to go guys.Check it out:


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