Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How's The Weather, Barry?

You may be wondering why Obama's association with Bill Ayers and the group he founded, The Weather Underground, has so many people upset. What follows is a great mini-doc of the Weathermen/Weather Underground

In my previous post I noticed how CNN, of all outlets, was casting a critical eye at the relationship of Obama and Ayers. Now comes TIME magazines Mark Halperin cornering an Obama spokersperson about the issue. Careful the spin here is nauseating

Previously, I had asked how any liberal or democrat could possibly keep them in control of Congress following the current financial crisis. I ask you now,how can you support someone who has this kind of judgement? You had Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, and Hillary Clinton running for the nomination of your party, AND THIS IS WHO YOU PICKED? He may well win, no doubt with a little help from ACORN and voters who don't exist, but I truly fear to where our country is headed. The only thing that could get me to vote McCain is Obama, for reasons like Bill Ayers.

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