Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vetting Process=You're a white trash, dirty whore

This is my first post.I'm still learning all this new-fangled "internets".I hope to be well versed in the blogosphere before too long and I will take any advice. Now on to the Big Shoe....

Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, has been the subject of countless articles and interviews since John McCain picked her last week as his running mate. The media is foaming at the mouth and is in a rabid feeding frenzy trying to come up with dirt on Gov. Palin and her family. Now it's no secret that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is solidly liberal and openly pulling for Obama. But the way they have behaved the last 5 days is shocking.

Her Down's Syndrome baby,her 17 year old daughter, her husband's 22 year old DUI, her Christian beliefs, her anti-abortion views, the firing of a state trooper, have all become fodder for the media and the Left to try and smear Palin and McCain. Now,they'll say they're just critiquing the "vetting process" and try and figure out why John McCain chose someone so inexperienced as his running mate.

When you hear "Vetting Process" that is code for "dirt we are desperately trying to find because we can't stand the fact of the possibility that the first female vice-president is a right-wing, gun toting,anti-choice,fundamentalist bible thumper but we must hide it by questioning how she was vetted!"

Since Barack Obama first announced his candidacy in Feb of 2007, these same media outlets and so-called journalists have not spent near the amount of energy and journalistic drive pursuing or "vetting" the nominee of the Democrat party,than they have in the 5 days since Palin was picked as McCain's running mate.

You can disagree with her politics. You can tout Obama and Biden as being what's best for this country, but the vicious,sexist B-S, being spewed about Palin and her family is reprehensible and beyond the pale. This is going to come back and bite the dems in their collective asses.

To get a good overview of the situation check out www.newsbusters.org

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Nicole said...
I totally disagree! There is no bigger feminist than me, but I cannot respect a woman who would go back to work THREE DAYS after giving birth to her baby - especially a baby with special needs. I've read plenty of other things about her that raise my hackles, but that's what gets me the most - and I'm looking at it as a mother, not as a liberal. My dad, as you know, is a staunch conservative, but he and my mom believe McCain just threw away the election by selecting Palin.

September 3, 2008 10:13 PM
Linda said...
Wonderful post! I totally agree! The attack dogs have been let loose, but they didn't count on running into a pit bull--with lipstick! Sarah Palin and her family have been treated shamefully, but I think they've shown the media, the dems, and the country the metal they're made of. She seems like a level-headed, competant, family-oriented woman whose husband and kids pitch in to help as a family unit. The interviews I've heard from those who actually know her have echoed those sentiments.

September 5, 2008 12:15 AM