Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, 2008-2009 football season is underway. It's only been one week but it's been quite newsworthy. The biggest story of course is the Tom Brady injury. This definitely shakes up the picture in the AFC. The Patriots were expected to make another run for the Super Bowl but that is in doubt now. Backup Matt Cassel hasn't started a game since HIGH SCHOOL. But Belichick has a well-oiled machine running his system. Granted, you need an experienced conductor but just the strength of the system in place could be enough to get them to the playoffs. The same could be said about the Packers. Aaron Rodgers put on a hell of a show Monday night against the Vikings so maybe it was Mike McCarthy's system that made Brett look like the Brett of a few years ago,last season.

Another observation is, starting with last season's Super Bowl, the dominance of the AFC could be subsiding. The Dallas Cowboys are the class of the NFL, with the Eagles, Packers, Giants and Saints not too far behind in regards to NFC teams. The best AFC team appears to be the Steelers,with Brady's injury and the loss of the Chargers and Colts on Sunday. I expect the Chargers to turn it around and they always turn it on at the end of the season.The New York Jets made plenty of additions not named Brett this offseason, and with Brady going down they could possibly win the AFC East. The Broncos could possibly be the dark horse team in the AFC so don't count them out.

After week 1 I still expect the Cowboys to be in the Super Bowl but I'm not really sure who will emerge from the AFC. I would've said Pat's or Bolts but who knows now. We may have a 4th Cowboys/Steelers Super Bowl.

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Nigo said...

dude barber is about to take over mvp votes if he keeps killin it.