Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Declaration of an Independent/POLL DANCER

I am a registered independent. I do not ever plan to register with a political party. I vote for the person not the party. I decided this years ago when I considered myself a democrat. When I saw that the democrat party was not the party I believed it used to be I was upset. What bothered me even more was that my thinking was more inline with those eeeevil republicans. But as has been evidenced in the last few years, republicans rarely act like republicans should. It's for this reason I won't put an R or a D as my party affiliation. I'm conservative on most things, liberal on some. If anything I'm a libertarian but that party is run by kooks. Now having said that, I'm an Independent voting for McCain/Palin in November. And apparently I'm, not the only one.
The latest polls show that independents are shifting to McCain in a big way.

Also white women are moving his way

Polls are like hotties . When they bat their eyelashes your way you get all excited that that Gallup chick winked at you. When your friends say," But dude, she's a total slut," you're like, " Yeah I know but that's just alot of rumors that got started by those Rasmussen and Zogby bitches." But when she's ignoring you you are like. "pffffp I don't care about her.She's a total slut!"

So no one should get too excited about this. That's the mistake Hillary, and more recently Obama, have made BUT it is a good and telling sign when you add that to the epileptic fits that the media and dems are having over Palin. They feel a sure thing slipping away. But Obama is the messiah, so don't count him out yet. Not by any means! After the debates, we'll have a clearer picture AND I CAN'T WAIT.

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