Thursday, June 25, 2009

A WORLD MOURNS (no not over the Iranians silly, over the King of Pop)

Anyone who knew me in the mid-80's knew I was a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. I had the glove, the Beat-It jacket, sparkly socks, t-shirts, my God I even had the doll! I remain a fan of his talent, if not the man, to this day. It saddens me deeply to see a man that was as talented as he was troubled.

I don't mean to diminish his death in the slightest. It should be big news. The death of Farrah Fawcett should also be big news. There's no doubt about it that for people of my generation, and for me in particular, a very significant portion of my childhood died today. But lets not lose our perspective amid 24 hr coverage of "THE DEATH OF THE KING OF POP" and the invariable tributes and retrospectives that will be flooding the magazine racks and airwaves.

The happiest people in the world right now are the dictators in Iran who are busy murdering their own people, people who yearn to have the freedom to care over something as frivilous as The King of Pop. They are happy because instead of pictures like these:

You'll be seeing pictures like these:

You'll be reminded of these type disturbing videos from Michael:

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Which is all fine and dandy.But the most disturbing video you are now not seeing,as well as the most poignant, is of Neda Agha Soltan. She was young, beautiful, and full of hope. And her senseless and brutal death at the hands of cowardly thughs in Tehran has given a spark of hope for the promise of a better tomorrow that Michael only sang about.



Again, I'm not wanting to diminish the importance in the death of Michael Jackson. But please realize that there are many more important stories to be upset about that will not be covered in the coming days. Not just the protests in Iran, but this act by BIG GOVERNMENT to overhaul healthcare and take away your right to seek your own healthcare,no matter what they say, and the GLOBAL WARMING BILL which will tax this country as never before and will absolutely KILL jobs in this country as well as making your home energy and gas prices skyrocket. Please check these stories out for yourselves because you sure as hell won't hear about it on the news.

Rest in peace, Michael and Farrah

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Linda said...

Well stated. Subterfuge is an art form within politcs and the media.