Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My President

It's been a week since Barack Obama was elected President. I congratulate him on a historic achievement. I am so glad that I'm able to see a black man reach the highest office in the nation.

In my previous posts titled THE VELVET DICTATORSHIP, I spelled out how the cult-like adoration from everyday people and the silent and awestruck press, is dangerous for this nation. If Obama was so inclined, he could slowly take advantage of this and set himself up as a benevolent dictator.I don't think he will but perception can sometimes be reality.

I believe,or rather I hope, that Obama is a pragmatist. With a democrat Congress I don't believe he will govern from the left but he will lean more to the center, at least for the first term. I believe it is our duty to support him when he takes office. We don't want to follow the example of the liberal Left and how they treated President Bush. We should be the loyal opposition.

Having said that, we must work to restore conservatism and we must be vigilant that the things I write about in The Velvet Dictatorship do not come to pass.

We should all say a prayer for our new President and wish him the best of luck and support.

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