Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Don't Judge A Person By The Color of His Skin But I Do Judge Them by The Thinness of His Skin

The MSM's new meme and talking point is how hateful the McCain campaign has become. Apparently,mentioning the fact that Obama had a relationship with unrepentent terrorist Bill Ayers, or his close relationship with ACORN, or his 20 yr relationship with radical, anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright, is mean-spirited and hateful. Apparently metioning this is also racist according to civil rights leader and Georgia congressmen,John Lewis.

Now lets see, apparently t-shirts saying, "SARAH PALIN IS A C-UNT" is a term of endearment.
Recently, jokes on SNL about Todd Palin commiting incest with his daughter were never met by any accusations of hate by the MSM. There are thousands of examples of pure hatred aimed towards McCain and in particular Sarah Palin but it has NEVER been mentioned by the MSM.Hell, a movie was made about the imagined assassinantion of George W Bush.

The MSM is upset that apparently people attending rallies are shouting out statements of 'KILL HIM", "TERRORIST" and "I'M MAD!" I haven't heard these but even if it is true it doesn't compare to the vile statements that come from Obama supporters directed at Bush, Palin (this includes her down syndrome baby, her pregnant daughter, her husband, her entire family, the citizens of Wasilla,and Alaska as a whole).

Michelle Malkin has a good overview of all the hate here, and here, and here

CNN's Stanley Kurtz has even noticed.

Let's see if the MSM makes as a big a stink about the Halloween display that shows a McCain in KKK regalia chasing Obama.

I wouldn't hold my breath.

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ronica331 said...

Ahh. Democrats and their double standard. Kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that some things will never change. Wait, maybe that's nausea. Yep, I've got to go puke. Sorry. Talk to you later.