Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello, John McCain here. Hello...Hello...

After last nights amazing speech, even liberals and liberal journalists, acknowledged that Sarah Palin gave a great speech, but they throw in that she had a great speechwriter. (Amazingly,her teleprompter went out and she had to wing it) Kennedy, Roosevelt, Reagan, Bush and his holiness Barack Obama, use speechwriters but that wasn't mentioned after he gave his 'Sermon on The Mount' in Denver. Earlier today Team Obama attacked her and her speech.

What's funny is that anyone associated with Joe Biden,would attack anyone elses speech. Joe Biden of course wrecked his bid for the presidency in the 80's by plagiarizing Labor Party leader, Neal Kinnock. Not once before, during, or after Biden's acceptance speech at the Dem convention, did any of these so-called journalists and pundits mention this fact.

I look forward to the debates with great anticipation

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